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County Animal Response Team Training

County Animal Response Team Training

Required Training for Volunteers

There are four required training courses for all CART volunteers, and a required Code of Conduct.* The training courses are:

*Please note that individual counties may require additional training.

Each course takes between 30 minute and 1 hour to complete. They are all free and available online, and don't require any previous experience.

ICS course requirements are designed to comply with the NIMS 5 Year Training Plan. Training requirements may be updated to stay in compliance as NIMS requirements change.

Once you've completed the CART required trainings, sign the Code of Conduct below and give it to your CART. 

Optional Trainings for Volunteers

In addition to the training required courses, CART volunteers can also take advantage of other free training opportunities from FEMA found online. 

Additionally, FEMA offers several other trainings for animal owners and care providers that will help CART volunteers be ready to assist during disasters. These include:

There are also many other online training opportunities that CART volunteers should be aware of, including:

You can also participate in the Annual Empire State Animal Response Team Training. 

Make sure you talk to your CART about other learning options. They can help connect you to many other interesting and useful training courses so you can be ready to assist animals when they are in need.

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Training for County Managers

Check out our list of resources for animal owners, animal response organizations, and county managers to make sure that you know how best to operate your CART.

CART Resources